My name is Anthony Kekona. I am Kanaka Maoli born and raised on Maui. My ancestors are from Hana and Kahakuloa. When I was young, I would listen to my tutus talk about the old days. I had seen some of these old ways growing up. These stories and visualizations influenced my art immensely. It shows I have a culture and that my expression of being Hawaiian has never and will never die as long as the HA (breath) is in me.

My artistic process uses lines, dots, circles and memories. My art is different because I use dots to join the ‘aumakua with human faces and bodies. I see the spirits in rocks, leaves, trees, the ocean and birds. When I do the patterns and petroglyphs they all come from within my mind. I never went to school to study art but I was greatly influenced by a grade school teacher. As I watched her draw one day, I saw life come from a piece of paper. Now, when I sit and picture villages and people from the many stories I was told, I see the details and perspectives of reality and beyond.

My mission in life is to help young people make positive choices. My own experiences help me identify and understand the problems most kids face today. My message to them is that having knowledge is the key to making the right choices. Our keiki must realize the importance of our Akua, ohana, culture, and education. It is important to know who you are. Our keikis are the future.

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